COVID D & Court

Looks like we’re going to a jury trial in October (here’s the PDF) so that should be right in the middle of the COVID D outbreak, kid starting back to school & of course FFCB move to “The Palace” this should be extra fun having people being questioned under oath. Telling stories (LIES) are easy when all that is needed is a piece of paper, but when twelve people in a jury box are looking at you… not so easy. In addition, perjury puts you in jail also.

COVID is REAL, Cleveland Clinic Mercy is getting more new COVID “D” patients daily. Vaccine is a great barrier even if you get it it will be mild, most non-vaccinated people end up on ventilators, also most new patients are under 40 this round. So if you live in Trump country & of course have not been wearing a mask or just generally a non-believer… get a shot, I really don’t give a shit if most of you die or get sick. I do care about the people I love and care about that you will get sick from whatever mutation you cause. They say we have about 3-5 weeks before it gets real bad up here.

Surgery update: 7/29 Limped down to Carroll county so I could sit there for an hour (that is one fucked up drive LOL) to schedule a jury trial for passing Katie & her new family in traffic… “yelling & hand gestures” like those statement had no coaching… 7/21 Got my new knee, small complication but I can work through it, hole in my knee from old bolt didn’t fill in completely so I have to be in a brace for a week or so. No worries, I can do it. Will be nice to just bound up the steps again and not feel any pain in a few weeks. PT starts next week so that’s a bit of pain for a short period of time. 7/17 COVID test today, need one to get surgery these days even thought I’ve had both shots 7/12 NOW all staples out, oops left one in, god news though, no blood clot in my leg. Still hurts like a SOB! Got half of my staples out today 6/29 but my surgeon told me she had to “chip” my one knee bolt out so they want to let it heal over a bit more so now it’s a few more weeks before I can get my new knee. I will say this is the most painful healing process I have ever gone through in my life, these bones growing back are no joke, but as always I’ll get through it.