COVID D is here

COVID is REAL, Cleveland Clinic Mercy is getting more new COVID “D” patients daily. Vaccine is a great barrier even if you get it it will be mild, most non-vaccinated people end up on ventilators, also most new patients are under 40 this round. So if you live in Trump country & of course have not been wearing a mask or just generally a non-believer… get a shot, I really don’t give a shit if most of you die or get sick. I do care about the people I love and care about that you will get sick from whatever mutation you cause. They say we have about 3-5 weeks before it gets real bad up here.

Surgery update: 7/21 Got my new knee, small complication but I can work through it, hole in my knee from old bolt didn’t fill in completely so I have to be in a brace for a week or so. No worries, I can do it. Will be nice to just bound up the steps again and not feel any pain in a few weeks. PT starts next week so that’s a bit of pain for a short period of time. 7/17 COVID test today, need one to get surgery these days even thought I’ve had both shots 7/12 NOW all staples out, oops left one in, god news though, no blood clot in my leg. Still hurts like a SOB! Got half of my staples out today 6/29 but my surgeon told me she had to “chip” my one knee bolt out so they want to let it heal over a bit more so now it’s a few more weeks before I can get my new knee. I will say this is the most painful healing process I have ever gone through in my life, these bones growing back are no joke, but as always I’ll get through it.