Katie Coniglio

Remember when you blame someone, really think who’s to blame. When Katie walked out the door we were friends, striving to help each other. Something changed that and it was not me, it was her or someone in her little inner circle. Point the blame where it needs to be pointed… You sent that email to Kerri (who’s no longer a manager) saying that I had told you if we did everything my way it would be over by August and we would both be 100% in the end. No harm to either of us, but your reply was “I don’t think I can wait until August”, I guess you’re waiting longer, it will be much longer. Also the damage you caused to both yourself and to the kid are irreparable, you have told so many lies to so many people to try and justify this and it will all explode. No one looks at you the same way, who really wants to be your “friend” when the damage that you cause due to your “friendship”.

Don’t shit where you eat… easy but you were so desperate for someone to like you, this is what you ended up with. Your biggest problem is; we are no where near the end. The kid will be 18 (as I predicted), we may even have another wedding anniversary before this is all over, hell the lame ass CPO might even run out. Don’t worry, I would never harm anyone… you living through the hell you created for yourselves is going to be payback enough for me. I’ll just nudge things along on my end. You don’t “play nice” because as you told me “I am nice”… you are a CUNT and that’s not nice, “nothing shitty or shady” but then everything you did was shitty and shady. You’ve told so many lies to so many people, don’t worry, I have all the texts, all the emails, all the videos (best one where I “yelled” & cursed at Heather), not one swear word and didn’t raise my voice… how “Christian” when you need to lie, she has taught you well Katie, she has taught you well.

Also want to tell you… I’ve had your phone number since you got it, also know where you live, also know where the kid lives. Never called your number, never drove past where you live (or The Campbells) and never driven out to the kid’s place after I dropped off a few of her things & talked to Sherriff Tim way back in February. So, pretend to everyone how “scary” I am, the guy that can’t lift his arms past his shoulders, that sometimes needs help taking his coat off, I’m scary… My knees are much better now but I’m not running after anyone.

All I want is the 10 years of my life back, the money I spent to make you not the white trash you were, the cost of me being your full time nanny & housekeeper for 10 years and of course rent and all those other expenses. Because as we all well know just like you put in the police report about the kid “he is no relation to her at all” so since I am nobody… I need to get paid for all I have done.

FYI, I love her & will do anything in my power to help her… as long as it does not benefit you in any way. Silly twat, you think I’m giving you MY comforter, MY knife block that I had done for HER, MY pots & pans… nope, back to the trailer you go. Better find another guy with a couch, bed, TV’s and all that shit because I have receipts for everything before I even met you. Again, the kid, she can have it all, you, NOTHING.

I taught the kid about life, Katie taught her about relationships… I’m sorry kid but you had a shitty example, your mother does not stick with anything in her life, hobbies, friendships, husbands, volunteer work or anything. She’s a quitter, that’s why she quit you, she never took the time to come home early, never took the time to understand you, never took the time to solve any of the issues that were going on but now she blames all that on me. She could have taken a day off or done quite a few things but no… really pissed her off when the kid liked milk chocolate like me and not those silly candies that Katie bough her that collected dust on her dresser. Yes, she was MY kid 24/7, Katie took the time every other weekend like a good “part-time” parent does.

Katie Eileen Coniglio 04/29/1995 330-312-1066