Katie “fucking twat” Coniglio

I just wanted to wish my darling, “still my wife”, (for quite a while, stupid twat) a fucked up New Year, my way this would have been over but this is “her” (Heather’s) way so fuck you and we can see how long this takes, like I said, kid will be 18 and if Katie keeps fucking around this will not be over until she’s 21, but that email to the fat manager Katie said, “I just don’t think I can wait until August… LOL that was 5 months AGO LMAO… so now maybe August 22? or possibly August 23? I’m in no fucking hurry now… nothing “shitty or shady” right Katie… fuck you and all the First Federal enablers.

I have been asked many times “don’t you hate her guts?”, nope, still love her but she is a traitor, a snitch, a liar, a cheat and a thief. I have never had one person betray me in so many ways. So no, I don’t hate her, but she will hate herself enough for the both of us and also Karma will come back around, and she will see exactly what she did. I wish her no harm because I know the universe will right itself and she will have to wallow in her misery.

One year ago, Katie ripped my heart out sending Shaelyn to her “biological father”. In retrospect, I was never “father”, I am “Dad”, “hey, Dad, “he’s my Dad” or “Mary Ann”, but never father and after a year I’m ok with that. I’ll always be “Dad” and when Shaelyn really needs her Dad… I’ll be right here. I raised her so I know her, she knows

Today made me a bit sad, Google gave me a “reminder” of what Christmas has been for the past 11 years, this is my kid and my present for her. Also my T-shirt as always
countdown to “turd cake”… red velvet w/cream cheese filling… yumDon’t be scared…

As Katie talks shit about me, think about a woman that would tear a kid away from the home she knew for 11 years without even a discussion about it (with me or Shaelyn). Katie caused all of this! One thing I cannot understand why Katie did not spend more time with her biological daughter, Katie never came home early, worked during swim meets (and 80% of practices), Katie never took her to school, no doctors’ appointments, braces those were all my errands, Katie never took a day off when she was sick, (mostly Katie worked overtime also) not when she had school breaks or anything, when a sexual predator prayed on her I went to the school, I got the kid thrown out & when a “note” came, I also went to the school and handled it (Katie thought I was too tough in telling Shaelyn to stay away from a sexual predator???), I never missed a school event, one swim meet in 11 years (knee surgery) & of course the every other weekend “child exchange” in Sugarcreek, yup NEVER missed! I figured I spend more time in the car with Shaelyn that Katie did just being together… now a bit of math time, Katie got home at the earliest 5:30 (last few years ONLY) most nights were 6 to 7pm (WE did homework not Katie), showered & all ready to relax when her mother came home)as she worked in Berlin or was “floating” somewhere, Shaelyn went to bed at 8:30 so if Katie came home at 5:30 that was 3 hours including sitting down for dinner(15 or less hours during the week), while I drove her to school, picked her up, when she forgot something I took it to her at school, when she needed something she talked to Dad… Shaelyn is a bright young woman & there will be a day when she sees this for what it is… I don’t want her to hate Katie, like Katie hates her mother and family, I just want Shaelyn to understand that not one little bit of this was my idea & the bottle of Asti is still in the fridge waiting for the New Years that I spend with my kid again.


My way, this would have been over months ago with no damage done. Now you asked for this so it will be maximum damage & this is just the beginning. This is YOUR way, this is how Katie (and of course the cunt, Heather) wanted this (possibly you should be pissed off at Heather, she’s going to cost you about $50k)… you’re going to get the fucking you deserve. I wanted no harm, to come but you did what you felt was best. Shaelyn might even be able to drink before this is all over. Currently she will turn 18 before this is over. When she is older and has “relationship issues”, let’s remember who ripped her away from two people she cared about in her life… that’s not even counting Romeo since she grew up with him too.

Katie Eileen Hurd Katie Eileen Zimmerly Katie Eileen Coniglio and now she wants to be known as Katie Eileen Mills…Doris (Katie’s grandmother) is screaming from where she is, Doris would NEVER let you use her name after what you have done. Doris was about loyalty, commitment, understanding & forgiveness. When you hear “voices in your head” it’s Doris telling you how much of a piece of shit you are. You have no loyalty, no trust and not one bit of self-respect for yourself or Shaelyn. Doris was a wonderful woman, she valued honesty, trust and more than anything her family, Katie “Mills” shows none of these qualities. Also she’s now just “using” this name to try and hide. ***Little tidbit, Katie has not spoken to her mother for many years (I think at least 6) Mills was her mother’s maiden name. The woman she has not spoken to or had a relationship with for TEN YEARS. Katie also alienated Romaine (my mother) from my life.***

I guess I should have listened to Katie when she told me she “was not a nice person” when we first met, this proved true.

Katie Eileen Coniglio
150 East 18th ST, Apartment #6, Dover Ohio 44622 DOB 04/29/1985 Phone 330-312-1066