She had no time

Funny, I “held Katie back”, in 10+ years I encouraged her & helped her with her career. I made sure she had all the right tools to do her job even if they were paid for by us (MY ViewSonic monitor is most likely still on the FSR desk in Dover from when Katie was FSR), if Katie needed it she had it from better white boards, wireless keyboard/mouse, pens, cords/cables, markers, anything.

Funny thing Katie never had any “time” to do the other things; she did NO volunteer work, she did no business networking, she had no friends (until Heather, she also made fun of Heather in the beginning Heather is a “Trumper” & “crazy church lady”)(Kim sort of but no) but all this is 10 years. She could not “find the time” to volunteer for the Y swim team moms because they were too “bitchy” or even befriend any of them in all the years, she could not find time to volunteer for ANYTHING in the school system, not PTA (might be PTO these days), sports Moms, Swim Moms, Quaker Ladies etc or be friends with any of these women. Katie had nothing to do in her life other than go to work, no other pressure, funny how other “moms” can have a job, cook, clean, shop, take care of kid(s), but Katie never had “time” to do anything. We volunteered at the Animal shelter all three of us, shoveled shit, cleaned cages, kid played with animals & did little things, Katie dropped out after a few weeks, I did it for a few months after until I got tired of the girls that were being paid sitting on their butts up front while the volunteers worked their butts off. Again, Katie, just a bit, their was the food pantry, that lasted just a few times maybe 6 at the most spread out over a year. She’s not much for helping others or helping out unless Heather takes her or possibly so she can make Heather proud of her. Possibly Katie is looking for the mother that she never had in Heather & the validation of “good” that Katie’s own shitty mother never gave her, not even to mention her “father” Mark… then again, Katie is not really sure Mark is her “biological” father… that’s why in 10 years every time I said, “maybe you should try to make up with your dad”, crickets.

In conclusion, Katie is Heather’s puppet, she will continue to be until Heather finally tires of taking care of Katie (Katie needs constant care & attention, reassurance & affection), but Heather will tire of raising another child and Katie’s daughter will also tire of Heather’s bullshit, along with her mothers and we will see how that goes also.

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