Mary Ann

Well today I had a laugh, a cry and a somewhat happy cry. I had my eyes checked and had to fill out stupid paperwork, with my “given name” Vincent & middle… I started to write Mary Ann and about peed myself in the office laughing at myself as that was what the kid would call me, so that was that. Then later today I got an email with both a picture and a link… the kid with a HUGE grin, my heart just filled with joy & I cried, I cried because I missed her, I cried because I knew she was safe, I cried because I had been thinking about her all afternoon.

JZ is my hero, he is keeping the most precious thing to me in this world safe and right now, that’s pretty much all I care about. Just as I told Tim, I have no idea what happend or why she went off the rails but the kid needs to stay away, she’s safe in Holmes County where she can be protected from the crazy. I really wish JZ knew how much this really means to me because no matter what my fucked up wife is trying to pull or what shit she is trying to throw, she is 100 miles away from the kid and will be for a long time. My (JZ’s ex) is a runner, she runs from problems, she ran from JZ, she ran from here, no use trying to fix anything when she can run. Now she has run and run into a wall a big fucking brick wall with her new family the Campbells & their views. I’m guessing the kid will never live with her again & that is perfectly fine with me as her little evil plan just didn’t work as well as planned. I also believe the kid will figure this out, again, I raised her, I held her hand when she was sick, I was there when braces when on & came off, just ME! I did all those things that showed how much I cared. I raised a good kid & I’ve had a few people tell me that in the past week to be proud of what I’ve done, I raised a kid that went to college in her junior year of HS, that is polite and kind, that shows love and her best side to others, that is the child I raised. Her mother can point all the fingers she wants but I NEVER disciplined her without telling/asking her mother first & if given the choice I chose the easier punishment, but I’m the bad guy. No worries, I’ll take whatever a fucked up stupid cunt wants to throw my way. I love that kid, I love that smile, I love everything about her and that will never change & no one can take that away.

I would love to post the picture or link but I’m not and that’s fine because I see her & that smile & that is all my heart needed. It’s Pride Month & I’ve ordered a flag, since my darling wife decided to toss away the rainbow Biden sign from my front yard so her Carroll county friends wouldn’t see it so I’m going to fly a big ass 3×5 rainbow in my front yard.

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