Not a relative

Last night after going to bed I thought about something I didn’t write… About someone that was in the picture and someone that is also keeping someone that I love so dearly safe from harm and I neglected to acknowledge. I’m pretty sure the kid calls her “Nell”, well Nell is “not a relative” like me, has no rights to the kid but has been around just about as long as I have. So I wanted to take a minute this morning and say thank you to her, for all she’s doing today and all she’s done for all the years.

No one has any idea how much it meant to me when Tim thanked me for all the things I did for the kid, no one had ever done that, so in turn I did not want to slight Nell in this & she had it a bit harder than I did with the every other weekend sudden interruption over the past 9 years, at least I got dug into a routine. Nell went to swim meets, Nell went to school things, she was also there, so I wanted to take a minute and say “thank you” for taking care even thought you are “not a relative or in any way related” as my darling wife keeps telling the police about me.

We “unrelated” people sometimes spend more time with the related people’s children, but in the end have absolutely no rights or powers. I can’t call her, I can go out to the house, I can’t do anything as I have no rights. After 10+ years of “please help me, Dad” or “I need you”, I have heard “I love you” from her every day for 10+ years & now I am no one. Please remember this, we are not “no one” sometimes we are “the one”.

Funny, I was looking at a shirt on Amazon & ran across one that said “I’m not a Step-Father, I’m the Father that Stepped UP” that kind of goes for any “Step-parent” they’re not ours, we have no rights but we love them like no one else in this world will ever love them.

I hope everyone has a good day, I’m getting blood work for my surgery pre-prep & EKG today so that’s going to be done. Tears again this morning, not sure if they’re happy tears or sad ones, I miss her so bad.

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