Gluten Free

Just got back from my MRI and as I said; three people actually walked up to me and stopped me to talk, a few people acknowledged me and I got a few smiles and nods so the shirts do what they do.

The real reason for this post is “gluten free”, I stopped at Nothing Bunt Cakes to treat myself to a cake since I made it down to 225 (high school) & as I was ordering I thought about how many gluten free cakes I bought Heather… yes I BOUGHT, I picked them up for Katie’s “friend” that has issues with everything including gluten, so when I picked up a cake for the kid & Katie, I also picked up one for Heather (the cunt). So about 75% of the gluten free cakes that Heather shoved in her fucked up face I bought for her, not because anyone told me to, but out of the goodness of my heart for someone my wife knew that had gluten issues, not anyone I really knew or cared about, someone my wife worked with & told me about. That’s me the complete narcissists’ doing for someone I don’t even know, or give a shit about making sure that they are happy in life also… another thing, every single “present” that my wife ever bought anyone, I picked out, shopped for & purchased (not saying it was “my money” as it was our money but I did everything else) like the black sweater shaver that I have currently the twin to in my closet that Heather got for Christmas… so much of Katie’s thought & effort went into finding just the right one… as I handed it to her finding a good one to give to her friend for Christmas (yes the Christmas right before she walked out the door). So when all of Katie’s “friends” think about anything Katie did, really I did it, I dropped things off, I made the calls, I set up the arrangement, I gave away my baking stones, I took things to other offices, I made sure that things were done that needed to be done. I made sure that Heather did not have any gluten because I would “never” want her to choke to death or go into any kind of shock, fuck you cunt, I wish I knew then what I know now!

But that’s me the uncaring, horrible husband that spent hours finding just the right thing for his wife, his daughter & of course the things that his wife wanted to buy her friends that can now go fuck themselves.

Katie has never taken care of herself in her life & I sure she is not doing that now, her “team” is taking care of her due to her fragile state from all the horrible abuse (like above) and let’s not forget the $3000 dog we were going to go to New York to get a week before she left. Let’s also not forget that we (Katie & me) had decided on if she wanted to leave a nice way for her to do it so whoever convinced her to do things differently, really fucked her in the ass. My way, she would have been set… this way she is going to be so fucked, most likely for the rest of her life & in 5 or so years when people realize they don’t need physical banks anymore & she has to take her GED & “skills” somewhere else, good fucking luck. She had one person (other than the kid) that would have given up everything for her right up until she had me thrown in jail…so now, fuck you & everything about you. You fucked around… soon you will find out how bad you fucked up & this is just the beginning. Funny if she would have listened to me about things this could have been close to over, I told her August, it’s June & we’re just in the beginning stages LMAO. I’m guessing after the kid is 18 now for sure, possibly after she graduates you ignorant cunts! (Heather, Katie & the rest of the crew that decided to invade my life)

Also FFCB Marketing, all my sites have now been visited over 100,000 times from Tuscarawas County, Holmes County & of course Carroll County IP’s alone. I’m well over 300,000 with all the rest over the state of Ohio & mobile browsers on phones. Another nice feature is I’m starting to be indexed on Google… Marketing, I’m good & you suck! I’m just waiting for the new building to open, so much open space to project on the side of when it gets dark & it will be getting dark early by the time that fucking monstrosity opens. What a waste of money… no one is going to go in that ridiculous building, COVID proved we can do just about everything online & don’t need expensive wasteful office space, but good luck with all those new expenses on the bottom line FFCB. Maybe you can cut some dead weight…. Marketing? Training Director? LMAO

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