Young Women

Possibly just young people in general but more so young women. My fake ass wife with her telling me to buy her a “love is love” shirt & her wearing it until the letters were almost faded off and the more I thought about it, she only wore it around the house. She has no values she bends with the wind, whoever she feels “closest” to she takes on their belief system, this is sad as the kid has a seriously liberal belief system. Currently the Campbells (her “new” family) are conservative, Christian, Trumpers so my darling wife has now also taken that on. I however don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks & don’t live my life to make others (other than the one’s that I deeply care about) happy, so I stick to who I am. I’m heading up to Cleveland Clinic today to get an MRI on my knee as it’s a “bit” more complex to removing all the hardware than they previously thought so my surgery was pushed back a few days until they get the MRI. I put this shirt on this morning & though about my fucked up wife & her “friends” at work & how she wanted me to put a “Fuck Trump” sticker on her car & I told her that it wouldn’t be a good idea for her to drive that to the bank, she did have the “get rid of Trump” in code on her back window but of course she didn’t tell anyone.

I’m proud of who I am & will never shy away. I laughed when my kid said she was “bi”… why did I laugh? because it mattered to me so little, I have been around gay, black, brown & all different people my entire life. I moved away from Tuscarawas County when I was 18 to Pittsburgh and the “big city” so all the differences were always around me and I’m not a close minded fuck like most of these people. I will continue to be who I am no matter & one nice bonus… young women walk up and talk to me about the particular shirt I’m wearing that day… this is today’s shirt… I may just start posting my “shirt of the day” too. I really don’t have that many, how about “shirt of the week”. I wish the kid were still here or I could send her shit, I see so many now I want to buy her, I used to buy her posters & so many other “empowering” things, I know she’s strong & will figure all of this out, I have faith in the work I have done, again, I alone raised her, not her mother, she never took an extra day off or came home an hour early when I told her I was “stressed out” she just kept on working.

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