Katie is such a fucking idiot & takes advice from idiots. She canceled the insurance on the Acura back in February & I bitched out Allstate about letting her change things on the policy as the vehicles are in my name. Yes MY name, I put the down on her car, I paid the extra $134 a month her account didn’t pay, I wrote the check for the $3500 payoff on the car. (now the $3500 was “our” money but she acts like she paid every penny) she also forgets all the other things she “didn’t pay” for many years but we’ll get to that in the divorce. Katie “forgot” she had NOTHING, no insurance (health), no car after the accident (I bought her a POS Nissan), OH yea, how about the sub box I had installed in her Chevy that SAVED HER LIFE in the accident… you’re welcome Katie. You are also welcome for me taking care of you for all those years, me making sure all your bills were paid or taken care of & so much more, because you CALLED ME, I came to your rescue, the narcist, the guy that upended his perfectly good life to take a single mother & her kid in to help them after I had already found you an apartment got you out of that mold infested trailer, helped you with all of that I then took you into my home. Yes, I’m an asshole… make sure you keep telling people that, see Shaelyn doesn’t know all that stuff, she was too little. Vince was fucking Superman, Batman & fucking Spiderman all rolled into one not because I wanted to but because you NEEDED me to & I didn’t want to leave a single mother alone with her child stranded. Again, there is me, only thinking of myself, just like keeping the insurance on the car… so we BOTH don’t lose everything in case you crash into Judge O’Farrell again and I have to call him to straighten out another one of your fuck ups. Keep trying to convince everyone what a bad guy I am… Between Bakers & Pam’s Posies I sent 46 orders of flowers to First Federal to you over the years… FOURTY SIX… (most women don’t get that in a lifetime, you got those in 5-6ish years, when you were in one office) not for any reason other than to say “I love you”, not to mention the V’day singers etc… you are a cunt, an ignorant cunt & someday someone will fuck you over so bad.

So on the Acura, found out when I went to renew my policy, was going to take the Acura off completely & talked to Allstate. WELL GUESS WHAT, they would have denied the claim if she was in an accident because you can’t insure a car that is not in your name. Hmm, lucky I have that 1/2 million liability still on the Acura and all that other coverage to make sure since it’s in my name I didn’t get in a lawsuit. If I could give her one more bit of advice, stop listening to the people/persons she’s listening to as you’re just fucking yourself. Funny how I’m still trying to somewhat protect her & the kid… but again, I’m an asshole & she keeps trying to fuck me over.

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