My Journal

I like Journal better than Blog. A journal is more of experiences, hopes & dreams to me. I hope to add to my hopes & dreams along with others on my journey with my journal. Sit back & enjoy. For those of you that want to comment. Don’t worry, the emails don’t collect, nothing is saved or will be used for anything it is just so SPAM bots can not take over the pages. No, you do not have to put your real name but please keep it clean, I already turned down a few & I have a few reserved (Turd, Bunny & a couple other for special people) my Admin posts are under the “8unny” handle so of course those are mine. For now, that’s all but I’m sure I will add & delete more, enjoy & not to worry…I don’t care, who you are, where you are, if you like me, if you hate me, as long as I get my point across. Peace & Love to all